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July 16, 2009 

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Business Valuation

Business valuations can provide essential information to clients who are in the process of acquisition, merger, financing procurement, business liquidation, or reorganization. Reliable, verifiable business valuations may be required for stockholder disputes or buy-sell arrangements. Bill Black has conducted business valuation engagements and presented expert business valuation testimony in a number of contexts, including:

Chemical components manufacturer

  • Ownership transition
  • Planned gifting program

Health care services businesses

  • Reorganization and change in tax status
  • Challenging valuation estimates provided by other parties in a purchase transaction, and successfully demonstrating that those estimates substantially understated value by failing to recognize contribution of intangible assets to cash flows.

Law firm

  • Court-appointed neutral valuator and auditor
  • Developed alternative estimates of value
  • Valuing unresolved contingent fee cases

Regional medical practices

  • Dissenting shareholder action
  • Termination of buyout arrangement

International chemical catalyst manufacturer

  • Valuation of minority interest

Regional distribution concern

  • Court-appointed neutral valuator
  • Estimated value under alternative scenarios

Printer and bindery

  • Divestiture and ownership transition

Restaurant chain

  • Valuation in litigation

Accounting firms

  • Divorce valuation

Cleaning services firm

  • Ownership transition

Hotel development

  • Income stream estimation
  • Rebuttal testimony

Security services vendor

  • Divorce valuation

Plumbing contractor

  • Management buyout


  • Divorce valuation

Specialty trucking company

  • Efficiency analysis
  • Settlement offer evaluation

Telecommunications retail sales

  • Franchise valuation
Click here for an example of the information typically requested in a business valuation

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