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July 16, 2009 

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Intellectual Property Damages Diagnostic


Damages Diagnostic package announced for Intellectual Property controversies

Early-stage financial tool assesses magnitude of potential damages

March 15, 2005 -- William H. Black, CPA, PC announced a new package of financial consulting services targeted at clients considering or threatened with intellectual property litigation. In a brief period and for a fixed fee,  Black will investigate financial aspects of the innovation in question, evaluate likely valuation outcomes, and provide management with a road map to proving or rebutting intellectual property damages.

Michael Faraday (or possibly Benjamin Franklin) is quoted as saying "Of what use is a new-born baby?" when asked the value of scientific research. In many respects, emerging intellectual property is similar to a new-born: It is dependent upon others for support, it requires substantial investment to develop its full potential, and proof of its performance may be years in the future.  But there is a value in intellectual property.

Companies are often challenged to decide whether defending their intellectual property rights is worth the cost of the fight.  The Damages Diagnostic package is a structured review of financial considerations relevant to determining the value of intellectual property. The methods and procedures used are drawn from well-accepted valuation methodologies that have been tested in court.

According to Black, "Intellectual property litigation can stretch over years and consume millions of dollars in direct and opportunity costs.  The damages diagnostic is designed to provide management with the facts they will need to decide whether the ultimate return is likely to exceed the costs needed to defend their intellectual property rights."

For a more complete description of the Damages Diagnostic package, click here.

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