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Qualifications to Provide Superior Service

Bill Black has more than 25 years experience providing superior analytical skills and dedicated service to clients in a broad range of industries and geographic locations. He has been acknowledged by courts as a financial expert, and has provided expert testimony in Federal Court, State Court, Bankruptcy Court, arbitration, and mediation proceedings. He holds professional certifications from four different governing bodies, and serves in several leadership positions with those associations. Dr. Black holds a PhD in Accounting, and has taught undergraduate and graduate accounting courses in financial accounting and financial statement analysis, corporate governance, accounting theory, managerial accounting and information systems, and auditing at leading universities including Illinois (Urbana/Champaign), Case Western Reserve, and Emory. Black has developed and taught professional development courses in accounting, business valuation, damages analysis, fraud, and management, and currently serves as Assistant Professor of Accounting at the University of North Georgia.

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